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Chase Atlantic drops long-awaited fan favourite OHMAMI

Photo: Jordan Knight

Chase Atlantic released their third studio album BEAUTY IN DEATH just three months ago, but this hardworking trio always have something going on behind the scenes. Their newest single OHMAMI dropped on Friday. This has been a huge fan favourite and people have been constantly begging them on social media to release this after they dropped a teaser earlier this year during a livestream concert.

The upbeat catchy melody, trap-style bass and Spanish-influenced beats make this the perfect track of the summer. The production is amazing and the small sound effects, like the sound of a car engine when Cave sings "this a new rari", really adds to the whole listening experience – especially if you're listening with headphones like I did the first time I listened to it.

As I hit the 2:50 mark, it almost sounds like I'm listening to a different song than the one I pressed play on, but the melody change and transition works so well. I can understand why this wasn't put on the album – it really deserved its own release!

"It's the type of song that allows you to really feel yourself, to actually feel alive. Yet, at the same time, it provides an escape from reality. Even if it's just momentarily, you can feel the effect of the song lingering in the brain like audible drugs."


Chase Atantic's BEAUTY IN DEATH North American tour kicks off this fall. Secure your tickets now at!

Oct 01 - Lawrence, KS

Oct 02 - Minneapolis, MN

Oct 04 - Denver, CO

Oct 06 - Seattle, WA

Oct 08 - San Francisco, CA

Oct 10 - Los Angeles, CA

Oct 12 - San Diego, CA

Oct 13 - Phoenix, AZ

Oct 15 - San Antonio, TX

Oct 17 - Austin, TX

Oct 18 - Dallas, TX

Oct 19 - Houston, TX

Oct 23 - Orlando, FL

Oct 24 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Oct 26 - Nashville, TN

Oct 27 - Atlanta, GA

Oct 29 - Charlotte, NC

Oct 31 - Richmond, VA

Nov 01 - Philadelphia, PA

Nov 02 - Norfolk, VA

Nov 04 - Brooklyn, NY

Nov 05 - Silver Spring, MD

Nov 08 - Boston, MA

Nov 10 - Chicago, IL

Nov 12 - Cincinnati, OH

Nov 14 - Columbus, OH

Nov 15 - Detroit, MI

Nov 16 - Toronto, ONT, CANADA

by Emmi Sollie


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