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Chase Atlantic drop new single "ESCORT"

The Aussie trio is back again with the brand new single ESCORT. With R&B elements, trap beats and a psychedelic sound, ESCORT pulls us into Chase Atlantic’s world yet again.

Photo: Jordan Knight

This has been a long-awaited song (fans have been waiting since lyrics and teasers were dropped in 2017) and based on fan reactions the wait was worth it. The seductive track tells a story that feels so vivid and real. There’s something about the way Chase Atlantic write their songs that always makes me visualise a short film in my head.

If you’re familiar with Chase Atlantic, you know they’re not afraid to write about subjects that are normally taboo, looked down upon and avoided in today’s society. ESCORT, as the title suggests, describes the life of a female escort. How did she end up living this life? Is she happy? How does it affect her and her relationships?

“I know you’re stuck in your ways. Usually wanna get paid” is such a sad line, along with the last line in the chorus: “You told me that you’re done with this life but your friends all disagree”. She’s fallen so deep into this lifestyle and she’s having a hard time escaping. Sometimes even love isn't enough to break old habits.

Chase Atlantic are currently on the road on their BEAUTY IN DEATH tour. A lot of shows are sold out but you can head over to their website for a full list of dates and remaining tickets:

by Emmi Sollie


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