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New single "Chains" by DBMK

Nashville-based alt-pop project DBMK return with their new single Chains.

Photo: Anna Blank

On Chains DBMK deliver a message of hope for a generation who feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. It feels like we're facing another apocalypse at the start of every day, and we live on the cliche "we're here not for a long time, but for a good time". The duo reminds us that this might be true but we don't have to spend that time alone, and we can even dress up and make it a party along the way. They deliver brutal honesty through driving drums and soaring vocals, and turn the truth into something you can sing along to without fear.

DBMK have quickly emerged as one of the most exciting alt-pop projects out there. They constantly push the boundaries of their sound and craft songs that explore the complex layers of the human experience with compassion and curiosity. The band received great response on their EP Jump in the Dark and are ready to step into the next era of their ever-evolving and genre-defying sound.


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