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Caroline Romano shares new single "Guts"

Caroline Romano


Release: March 24, 2023

Article by Emmi Sollie

Following Fighting A War, Caroline Romano is back with her new single, Guts.


With Guts she returns to her indie-rock roots, and her distinctive voice glows amidst a whirlwind of glittering guitar and frenzied percussion. The track starts off simple, with vocals and an electric guitar, then the drums come in and it builds up into a catchy and electric chorus.

Speaking on what inspired the new single, Caroline says: "I've always had this thing in social settings – especially at house parties, bars, or really anywhere with pretty strangers – where I feel like people can see right through me, like I'm completely transparent. So, in some terrible attempt at compensation, I'll say too much or drink too much. I end up spilling my guts to people as a form of free therapy, or self-sabotage, I'm not sure which it is. And then I watch them watch me dig myself further, with my guts on the floor in front of them. That's how I end things before they've even started, and that's what this song is about. It's frantic and eager and frustrated all at the same time."

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