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Cade Hoppe shares new single "Labels"

Cade Hoppe


Release: January 27, 2023

Article by Emmi Sollie

Cade Hoppe is kicking off the new year with his brand new single, Labels.


The catchy melody and upbeat tempo make Labels an easy track to fall in love with. Hoppe's baritone vocals and the synth-pop production works well on this track. He continues to prove himself as an exciting and determined young talent.

About the song, Hoppe says: "This is a song about having a relationship with someone that will never give you the reassurance you need – and then finding a way to justify that in order to have that relationship at all. You keep telling yourself that you don't need a label until you might actually believe it."

Listen to Labels on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow Cade Hoppe on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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