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EP Review: Just Look at the Moon by Cade Hoppe

Cade Hoppe

Just Look at the Moon

Release: November 3, 2023

Review by Laur Wirth

Cade Hoppe releases his new EP Just Look at the Moon, and with that, gives us a big range of different sounds and different emotions with 7 amazing songs. From more calm love songs to songs about life, the EP has a song for everyone. In collaboration with known names such as Jesse Blum (Twenty One Pilots, MisterWives, Nas), Bobby Hawk (Taylor Swift, The 1975, Florence and the Machine), and Rob Moose (Phoebe Bridgers, Taylor Swift), the dreamy vibes of the tracks make the songs even more magical.


Starting off with Fresh Start, a song about someone needing a fresh start after too many people have tried to bring them down. It's a perfect entrance into the album, talking about the struggles one face as an artist and the constant fear of not performing well.

Following is the song Labels, an already pre-released song which came out early this year. The song is one of the love songs on the EP, talking about something that is always out of reach, but the protagonist isn't thinking about ever stopping chasing them.

The third song, Moon, is another one about changes, and the second single off of the album. It's about feeling lonely and lost, floating around between two places.

Fool's Gold comes next, marking we're halfway through the EP. Singing about trying everything to not let the negativity get the best of him, Cade asks himself if that's really enough to have a happy ending, what it means to feel alive.

Moving on we have Dirty, a song about heartbreak – about being fooled by someone that the protagonist thought loved them but never did. Words made them feel dirty and so they want it to stop.

Getting closer to the end, we have the second to last track Fresh Start Again. It's more of an acoustic, calm version of Fresh Start. Cade even announced on his TikTok that he learned 5 different instruments to produce this song. It's like a song from a movie about an artist who finally made it – who is finally living their dream.

The EP finishes off with Only Human – another love song. Cade sings about how he's only a human being, and how he's not perfect. It's a love song to himself, talking about his imperfections but how they're okay the way they are.

Overall Just Look at the Moon is a beautiful collection of various songs that are just feel-good music, which you can listen to at any time. It's a big recommendation.

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