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Cade Hoppe shares his new single "Morphine"

Rising indie-pop singer and songwriter Cade Hoppe is back with the release of his new single "Morphine" out on all streaming platforms now.

Photo: Carina Allen

"Morphine" is Cade's most tender and soul-baring track to date. Sung in his distinctive baritone, it's a song about coping with the weight of life's expectations.

Originally hailing from Sacramento, CA and now based in New York, Cade originally moved to the East Coast to pursue academic and athletic opportunities. He'd been writing songs and playing piano, guitar, bass and saxophone since childhood, but it wasn't until 2020 that he started to explore the possibility of recording and releasing his own songs to prioritize his true passion. After putting out a few experimental releases with his stepbrother, Nick Adams, Cade connected with producer Harper James – one half of Eighty Ninety – and began to develop his indie-pop sound. Together, they created his debut EP, "Tell Me How It’s Worth It", which was released in late 2021.

Sharing the message behind this song, Cade says "I think your life experiences can either make you the person you always feared you'd become or the person you always hoped you'd become. By putting this song out, I hope I'm one step closer to the latter."

In a recent instagram post, Cade writes that he remembers sitting in his room with his guitar, writing this song, once again trying to write something that could maybe live up to his favorite songs that he's constantly chasing.

"And I can't listen to my favorite songs anymore

I try to write a song as good, but come up short."

He decided to write what he was scared to write – knowing he never had to record or put it out – but of course it ended up being his favorite thing he had ever written.

"I'm finding solace in the temporary pain

Convince myself that every misstep keeps me sane

I may not text you back, but I still send my love

I learned that all from higher powers up above"

With his warm, honey dipped vocals, lyrical earnesty and sticky pop melodies, Cade Hoppe stands out from others in the pop landscape. It's safe to say that the 22 year old artist is well on his way to becoming an indie-pop mainstay.

Listen to Morphine on Spotify now. Follow Cade Hoppe on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Written by Thyra Hermansen


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