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Brooke Sause stuns on new single "How Long"

Brooke Sause

How Long

Release: May 12, 2023

Review by Jaylen Heady

Singer-songwriter Brooke Sause is breaking all our hearts with her latest ballad that begs the question, "How long was 'I love you' a lie?"

Following the 100k+ streaming success of her previous single fallin for you, How Long is a heart-filled sentiment for anyone with a broken heart. With gentle acoustics and angelic layered vocals, the song is a beautifully stripped exploration of relationship memories that are no longer what they once seemed.

Brooke explains: "'How Long' is about being heartbroken and realizing that the person who broke your heart never loved you like you loved them. It's about going through the memories and reanalyzing every detail and facet of the relationship, trying to pinpoint where the lies began. While reflecting, you think of all the moments and signs you ignored because you were too in love to be logical."

Co-written with her sister and collaborator Breana, Brooke's soft pop princess sound on How Long is easy to love. As the instrumentation picks up, her conviction does as well. From the heartbreaking longing in her voice to the frustrated passion in the bridge, she flawlessly weaves the stages of grief that come after a hard breakup. A standout moment amid her purely captivating storytelling comes when she powerfully cries out, "Wasn't it easy for you to string me along and waste my youth?"

Simultaneously pursuing both law school and a rising music career, Brooke is a devoted, multi-talented force that is sure to keep climbing the charts with her debut EP release later this year.

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