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New single from Boon: Can't Be Love

Boon runs from sparks turned to flames in his new single Can't Be Love, a raw depiction of toxic love and self-destruction.

Photo: Clayton Birk

Nashville native Boon is creating ripples in the music scene. The 18-year-old writer, singer, mixer, producer, and master of all his own music - also shoots and directs all of his videos - has immersed himself into the music industry at a young age.

Boon flawlessly melts elements from rock, trap and EDM in a beautiful, somewhat distorted concoction supporting heartfelt lyrics. It's genre-bending, experimental and equal parts heavy and fun. Deep bass and sharp drums reach into your chest and make you feel the song. Lyrically, it paints the picture of toxicity and just how desensitising it can be, but it doesn't shy away from young love and passion.

It starts calm, with controlled anger; you don't know what you put me through; it took me too long to say it, but I think I'm done with you; and then it's like something snaps. As we get further into the song, tension builds, and the previously repressed anger rises to the surface as we reach the chorus; you make me feel so insecure, say I'm the one, but this can't be love.

The listener is pulled in by distorted sounds and lyrical rage in the best possible way. I crashed my car just to break your heart; you still never called. It's raw, disillusioning, genuine, and effortlessly conveys how painful and destructive toxic love is. Boon is claiming the new wave despite his young age, and I can't wait to follow along.

Written by Eirunn Oppheim


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