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Bring Me The Horizon releases Kool-Aid

Bring Me The Horizon


Release: January 5, 2023

Article by Laur Wirth


Bring Me The Horizon is back with a new song and people are loving it. Kool-Aid is a song that brings us back to old times of the band's discography, mixed with their new sound, creating a musical masterpiece that leaves us even more excited for their new upcoming album, POST HUMAN: NeX GEn.


The song starts very energetic, but almost chaotic. In the first verse Oli already plays with metaphorical expressions like "Asphyxiating with a smile on your face", which leads to the interpretation of a generation that ends their lives by suffocating, while "they" start removing the last bits of you from your body.

"Asphyxiating with a smile on your face

While they pull your teeth out one by one"

As the song progresses, it becomes clear that they are the Church of Genxsis, a cult created by the band themselves. They call for a revolution against the cult, using a play on the term "D-Generation" rather than "degeneration".

With the line "Drank the Kool-Aid by the jug" in the chorus, it's not just a saying used for people who blindly follow an ideology that's perceived as harmful. This phrase is usually used in connection with the Jonestown Massacre, an event in which cult leader Jim Jones forced his followers to drink Kool-Aid from jugs in order to move to the next level of spiritual existence. The Kool-Aid was infused with various drugs and cyanide. Oli is talking about how the cult is the only thing that can help them. They should have known it will end in tears, but nothing will ever feel as good as being part of the Church of Genxsis.

"'Cause you got a taste now

Drank the Kool-Aid by the jug

So suffer your fate, oh

Come here and give me a hug

Nobody loves you like I love you

Oh, my dear

But you should've known

That this was gonna end in tears"

In the second verse Oli makes another critic to cults and gurus, who try to make themselves a God for others. 

"Domesticated like a cat in a cage

While they try their hand at playing God"

The bridge can be interpreted as the cult leader's point of view. The cult leader is trying to suffocate the members of the D-Generation because they will never let anyone go. They rather let everyone die before they leave, which could also be another anecdote to the Jonestown Massacre.

"'Cause I am yours and you are mine

I'll never let you go"

With the breakdown and the segue, it feels like his singing of simple "La-La-La" is like a hymn everyone should be singing along to. Like parts of a worship song or gospel.

The song itself ends with Oli saying "You should've known" and "That this is going to end in tears", an appeal to the people that it was clear from the start how things would end. 

The whole song is about the toxic relationships to ideologies that are not only harmful but dangerous, you always know the consequences before you step in. Once you're in it's hard to get out, and they would rather let you die and take what's left of you than let you leave. 

With a lot of screaming elements, it's a mix between their old and new style, making an amazing mix that runs like a red ribbon through all the songs released so far, Kool-Aid included. The band has created a new version of themselves and everybody is looking forward to what they will do next – especially after the recent departure of keyboardist Jordan Fish.

Watch the lyric video for Kool-Aid below.

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