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New single, "Love Me", from Beharie

Photo: Malin Longva

Norwegian singer and songwriter Beharie released his second EP, Beharie // Beharie, in April. Now he's returning with a new track, Love Me.

Inspired by artists such as Michael Kiwanuka, Moses Sumney, Fleet Foxes and Leon Bridges, Beharie creates a musical world that draws equally from the rawness of the old soul greats and the modern indie songwriters.

The new single, Love Me, is a tale of not quite ever getting over a relationship, a song of complex emotions and the forlorn hope of the good times returning. It starts off with an acoustic opening which blossoms into a soulful groove with a gospel chorus.

About the track, Beharie says: ""It’s about when you can’t recover from a past relationship, and you keep getting drawn back in. There’s always a hope and desire you can return to how things used to be... but at the same time there’s an awareness that the relationship is complicated and that you ended up breaking up for a very good reason."


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