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New laid-back hip hop from Bård Berg

Drummer and producer Bård Berg studied Jazz Drums at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Here he discovered his love for electronic music and released his first album, Oslo Beats, in 2019. His second album, Oslo Beats, Vol II, got released in 2021 and was well received. His first release of 2022 is the new single To B – featuring bedroom pop artist Solå.

Photo: Helen Røstum

To B has a chill melody, perfect for those days when you want to take it easy and relax, with Solå's vocals sounding amazing. While often laid back, Bård Berg uses the track to dial down the funkier aspects of his disco house and turns To B into a smooth hip hop jam.

Berg says he came across Solå's song Dizzy and got hooked. He explains: "It made me get in touch with her to ask if we should make some music together. We met in the studio and ended up working on a song Solå had started on before. The instrumental is a combination between what Sol had worked with and a very tough hip hop beat I had made earlier but did not find out what I was going to use it for."

Solå reveals that To B was one of the first tracks she wrote for her solo project back in 2018. "'To B' is about the process of becoming comfortable around someone in a more intimate way, and also about the process of letting go of fear, to let yourself feel the most warm and embracing feelings with another human being" she says.

To Be is out now via GEMS / Warner Music Norway. Listen to it below!

You can follow Bård Berg on Instagram and Spotify.


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