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Balu Brigada release debut EP "I Should Be Home"

Alt-pop duo Balu Brigada, consisting of brothers Henry and Pierre Beasley, have signed with Atlantic Records and Warner Music Australasia and released their debut EP I Should Be Home, alongside the official music video for Moon Man.

Born into a creative home, their dad being a dancer and their mother an actress/musician, the Beasley brothers each tried out acting in school before fully immersing themselves in their love for music. They started making music together at a young age, and Balu Brigada was officially formed when Pierre was old enough to almost pass as an 18-year-old and play in bars. The past few years they have fine tuned their skills in every aspect of their input, and with New Zealand's strict Covid lockdowns they were sort of forced to focus on doing production entirely themselves – something that gave them freedom. "It's allowed us to experiment more and pursue more ambitious ideas" they say.

It's difficult not to vibe with Balu Brigada. Their sound is groovy and laidback, with catchy hooks and interesting soundscapes. The debut EP I Should Be Home is a collection of 7 tracks which embodies the overarching metaphor of an epic night out and details the blurry experiences of growing into your own skin as a twenty-something year old. Revisiting messy break-ups to drunken epiphanies, recalling both the sugar rush of the start of the party and the sobering realisation the fun has worn off.

Press Image / Photo courtesy of Atlantic Records/Warner Music Australasia

About Balu Brigada signing to Atlantic Records and Warner Music Australasia, Craig Kallmann (Chairman and CEO of Atlantic Records) says: "We’re thrilled to team up with our partners at Warner Music Australasia on the incredible Balu Brigada. Developing artists and breaking new talent around the globe is our key mission at Atlantic Records. We couldn’t be more excited to do that with Balu Brigada and welcome them to the Atlantic family." This is the first deal WMA has done with Atlantic as joint venture label partners, and Dan Rosen (President of WMA) says: "We continue to strive to break our Aussie and Kiwi acts on the global stage and this partnership with the incredible team at Atlantic is the perfect launching pad for us to take the music Balu Brigada to the world."

Listen to I Should Be Home on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow Balu Brigada on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

by Emmi Sollie


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