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New single, "OH! Not Again", from alt-pop duo Balu Brigada

Balu Brigada released their debut EP, I Should Be Home, back in September after signing with Atlantic Records and Warner Music Australasia. Now the brothers are releasing a new single, OH! Not Again.

Press Image / Photo courtesy of Atlantic Records/Warner Music Australasia

OH! Not Again is a laid-back track with loud steady drums. The melody is relaxing but catchy, and it's easy to find yourself nodding your head to the beat. The song is about being let down so many times that you can't even be surprised when you get screwed over again. The band says: "At some point you just roll your eyes and say 'fuck it, I'm gonna do it my way, because it never seems to be enough for you when I do it your way'. It's not the most romantic premise in the world, but there's something freeing about throwing it all at the wall and having no expectations for the response."

Watch the music video for OH! Not Again below!

Listen to OH! Not Again on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow Balu Brigada on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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