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New single "Come First" from Astrid S

After a successful summer playing festivals across Norway, Astrid S is releasing her new song Come First which debuted live on tour. After well received response and a huge engagement on social media, the track is out and ready to be streamed on all music platforms!

Photo: Janne Rugland

With more than 4 billion streams on hit-singles like Hurt So Good, Think Before I Talk and Emotion, six EPs, sold-out tours and a Norwegian Grammy, Astrid S has paved her own path, written and produced her own songs, directed her own music videos and spent her time perfecting and completing her debut album Leave It Beautiful (2020).

Astrid shared a video clip on TikTok back in August from one of her live performances of Come First where she introduces the song by telling the audience that her record label don't want her to release it because "they think it [the song] is pretty shitty." She then goes on by saying that she thinks it's awesome, and because she is the songwriter she can do whatever the fuck she wants. (Yes, girl, you tell them!)

Putting yourself and your own needs before anyone else is the message in Come First. Astrid says: "For the longest time I've been a people-pleaser, but I try to become better at doing things that feels right for me. I'm so happy this song is finally being released. If my life was a chick flick movie from 2006, this would be the soundtrack."

Listen to Come First on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow Astrid S on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

by Emmi Sollie


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