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Mini album announcement and new single from The Northern Belle

Photo: Julia Naglestad

Norwegian country/pop-band The Northern Belle had their start in 2012 and released their debut album in 2015. Their 2018 album Blinding Blue Neon gave them a Spellemann nomination (often referred to as the Norwegian Grammy Awards). The band releases their newest single Kaleidoscope Dream today via Die With Your Boots On Records and announces a mini album, The Women In Me, set to be released on September 17.

The mini album will feature eight artists drawn from the Nordicana scene – the community vocalist Stine Andreassen felt so robbed of when the pandemic hit. Deprived of this sense of belonging, she decided to take action. The Women In Me brings a now disparate scene back together once again with Andreassen as its central, unifying force.

The new single originates from a hallucination of another kind – an imaginary trip through space and time when we couldn't even leave our front doors. Andreassen says "When I sat down to write 'Kaleidoscope Dream', I just felt a sudden urge to flee and run away from all of this madness. On one hand we are travelling less and are actually taking care of our planet – I love that and I wonder if we will take more care of each other and this beautiful planet from now on. Then there is a little devil on my shoulder that wants to fly away from all of our problems and do all the things that you can imagine. Move through space and time and don’t care about any of the consequences of our actions. I needed to feel alive. All of these emotions got poured into these songs and I love the explosive chorus and the whole conversation with myself."

With glimmering guitar and Andreassen's timeless vocals as she dreams of "sleeping with strangers" and experiencing wild abandon after this past year and a half, Kaleidoscope Dream brings the listener along on the psychedelic journey with her.


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