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Anaïs releases debut single "Take My Picture"

Congolese-Danish singer Anaïs drops her stunning R&B debut single Take My Picture.

Photo: Charlotte Ea

For the last couple of years, only the four walls of Anaïs's Copenhagen apartment have been allowed to hear her music. She's been honing her craft, but is finally ready for the world to hear what she's been working on.

Anaïs writes songs for those who truly experience life and its full palette of emotions. Take My Picture is the first taste of Anaïs's complicated world. She incorporates a variety of sounds into her sonic universe, with a wide range of influences harking back to her roots. The R&B track, which also has elements of pop, Congolese Rumba, Zouk and jazz, is smooth and relaxing, but also very groovy and fun.

About the single she shares: "While working on what my debut single should be about, I asked myself what I personally would want to listen to this summer. It’s confident, flirty and teasing – just like how I envision my summer to be. I want as many nights as possible to be vibrant, exciting and playful. I want to lock lips with intriguing people with no strings attached, so don’t try to 'save' me from the single life because I’m here to enjoy it to its fullest extent."

Follow Anaïs on Spotify, Instagram and TikTok.


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