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Album Review: How To Be Human by Amber Run

Amber Run

How To Be Human

Release: February 24, 2023

Review by Olivia Hofacker

When dealing with life's trials and tribulations, music has come to be many people's haven. Amber Run's latest release, How To Be Human, deals with the struggles our minds bring upon us while bringing light to growth and personal exploration. The London band's rhythmic yet stimulating album explores all feelings imaginable.


Growing popularity through their viral song on TikTok, I Found, Amber Run has gained a loyal fanbase that brings their fourth album alive. It navigates the constant battle for hope and strength to get through life and allows listeners to feel less alone.

The sound emulates a poetic and striking wave of hankering, filling you with an intense desire to survive. Lyrics from the third track and single released before the album, Honeylight, challenge the thickness of life and stab right in the heart.

There's nothing to it You just exist Then you die I'm under no illusion Things get better, But I'll try

The opening verse does not hesitate to force you to face your hardships but also provides a personable approach to comfort. The words and melody graze over you and comb through your entangled thoughts. Inner peace is slowly unlocked track by track as the band members grab ahold of you with each note and keep you close.

Amber Run aimed to create a guidebook for living wholly and did not fall short. Each song reflects the band yet represents the fans and opens the listeners to a clear mindset. As the ensemble moves from digital sound to live performances, their artistry is set to be further elevated during their upcoming UK tour beginning in April.

Listen to How To Be Human on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow Amber Run on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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