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From Suburban Melodies to the "Deep End": Alesandra Pollack's Authentic Journey Through Music


Deep End

Release: January 4, 2024

Article by Elena Vasilico

Alesandra Pollack is only 20 years old but has already found her calling in her music. What sets Alesandra apart is her raw and vulnerable songwriting style, reflecting her personal experiences and addressing universal struggles such as loneliness, mental illness, and overcoming adversity. With an emphasis on authenticity, Alesandra aims to connect with audiences of all ages, urging them to embrace vulnerability.

Alesandra / Press Image

Deep End, her debut single, reflects Alesandra's own battles with mental health. "I was seventeen when I wrote 'Deep End'. At the time, I was about to go to my third treatment center, and I felt like nothing was really getting better for me– it all felt like a

never ending struggle," says the young singer.

Her willingness to open up a conversation about mental health, and shed light on the common struggles many face, adds a layer of depth to her artistry. The track is not just a song, but a powerful narrative that invites listeners to join a discourse on mental health awareness.

Hailing from the quiet suburbs of Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, Alesandra's musical journey began at the age of 7, with early compositions that showcased a remarkable ability to blend lyrics and melodies.

Transitioning from the small town to the bright lights of New York City, Alesandra's acceptance into New York University marked a pivotal moment in her story. Choosing to major in vocal performance with a focus on contemporary vocal style, her commitment to her art is evident, as she aspires to make a lasting impact in the world of contemporary music.

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