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Introducing: Agnes Rangel

Photo: Freja More

21-year-old independent Danish-Swedish artist Agnes Rangel grew up listening to and playing the classical piano, but when she moved away from home the grand piano didn't fit in her small apartment. She nicked her younger sisters' toy-guitar, taught herself how to play and began writing her own songs.

Agnes is currently working on her debut EP, expected to be released later this year. Today she releases her debut single, Blindsided, which tells the story of a one-sided love-euphoria. With notes of jazz, pop and trip hop, the song has a musical style that very much reminds of Billie Eilish. Agnes seduces with her pristine, pure voice and a vulnerable touch on her almost shy melodies and songs.

Blindsided was written on a night with a lot of emotions circulating and recorded the morning after. Agnes says: "The song is about a beautiful friendship and how a one-sided love-euphoria can mess up everything. About how, what was meant to be a declaration of love between best friends, became a final, brutal quarrel and a recurring nightmare of total confusion and excruciating pain."

Listen to Blindsided and check out the visuals below!

Follow Agnes Rangel on Instagram and Spotify.


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